Participant recruitment

Our pool of study participants

We maintain a database of over 6000 potential study participants, which can be filtered by:

  • demographics
  • lens wear
  • ocular conditions
  • custom visual needs

Our community

The Region of Waterloo has a young, growing and diverse population, representing a large demographic cross-section.

  • One of Canada’s fastest growing population
  • Two universities and one community college
  • A thriving high-tech industry within a prosperous rural region
  • A median age of 38 years (Statistics Canada 2006 Census)
  • A wide range of ethnic diversity (Region of Waterloo Census Bulletin, 2006)

We establish connections with local residents by attending community events, providing eye care information for the public, and carrying out promotional activities

Partnerships with local eye care professionals

We continue to build a mutually beneficial relationship with local eye care practitioners, providing them with information and resources in return for assistance with participant recruitment.