An integrated approach to research

We combine clinical, laboratory and socio-behavioural strategies, and packaging results in a way that facilitates evidence-based clinical practice. Our interests are wide-reaching, and include:

  • Biomaterial engineering
  • Contact lens materials
  • Contact lens care products
  • Corneal and conjunctival physiology
  • Microbiology and toxicology
  • Ocular surface sensitivity and symptoms
  • Practitioner, patient and consumer perspectives
  • Refractive error correction and control
  • Tear film and dry eye
  • Visual performance

We engage in research on a variety of levels:

  • Conception and development
  • Execution and analysis
  • Conference presentations and manuscript writing
  • Graduate and post-doctoral training
  • Knowledge translation
  • Provision of continuing education

Our performance is supported by a network of tools, techniques and strategies:

  • Advanced research methodologies
  • State-of-the-art clinical technology
  • Comprehensive laboratory equipment and techniques
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Precision imaging innovations