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Potvin,R. J., Doughty,M. J., Fonn,D. Tarsal conjunctival morphometry of asymptomatic soft contact lens wearers and non-lens wearers. International Contact Lens Clinic 1994;21,11-12:225-231. [ Show Abstract ]

Soft contact lens wear is known to induce changes in the tarsal conjunctiva; qualitative grading is the current standard for recording such changes. This project was designed to investigate the usefulness of quantitatively assessing the morphometry of the tarsal conjunctiva, through a comparison of eight asymptomatic long-term soft contact lens wearers and eight nonwearers. The right tarsal plates were photographed after staining with fluorescein. A subjective assessment and grading of the fluorescein-highlighted tarsal plates was not able to distinguish the wearers and nonwearers. However, morphometry of the fluorescein-highlighted features across zone 1 of each tarsal plate revealed two basic patterns to the histograms of the areas of these features in both contact lens wearers and nonwearers. The analyses suggest that there are at least two types of "features" highlighted by fluorescein, evident in both wearers and nonwearers. Asymptomatic long-term soft lenswear appears to reduce the size of "small features" and increase the size and variability of "large features". These differences could be shown to be statistically significant. Further refinement of these quantitative assessment techniques should be useful in defining contact lens wear-related changes in the tarsal conjunctiva. © 1994.