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Fonn,D., Anderson,R., Sorbara,L., Callender,MGE A survey of optometric contact lens use in Canada. Canadian Journal of Optometry 1990;52,3:90-95. [ Show Abstract ]

A questionnaire was mailed to all optometrists in Canada for the purpose of conducting a national survey on the habits of prescribing contact lenses and care products. Optometrists were requested to complete the survey for each practice for the time period of April 1, 1987 - April 1, 1988. The results of the survey revealed a response from slightly more than 10% (221) of the optometric practices. The vast majority of patients fitted with contact lenses (81%) were in the 17-44 year age group and 50% of the patients fitted with contact lenses in that period had never worn lenses previously or had not worn lenses for five years prior to the survey period. A high proportion of soft lenses (85%) were prescribed compared to rigid lenses (14%). Hydrogen peroxide was the preferred method of disinfection and extended wear was moderately popular.